Wednesday & Saturday Sequence Dances


Modern Sequence Dancing

There are two sequence dance clubs that meet at Ayscough Hall.

Although these clubs are independent of one another, many of the members frequent both the Wednesday and the Saturday evenings. Both clubs concentrate on performing Modern Sequence Dances, with the occasional “less up to date” sequence dance.

 We provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all to enjoy social sequence dancing. 

Sequence Dances are based on Ballroom, Latin and Classical dances, allowing us to enjoy a wide range of different styles of dance, with everyone dancing the same “sequence” of steps at the same time.

Of the new sequence dances choreographed each year approximately 45 are chosen as winners at the various Inventive Dance Competitions held throughout the country. The most popular of the winning dances are taught here at Ayscough Hall at both the Wednesday and the Saturday evenings within a week or so of being declared winners.


Cost of the evening is £3.50 per person to include tea, coffee and biscuits, and of course there is a raffle.

If you are interested, just come along and give us a try.

Or call 01673 849522 for a chat.